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Your Technology Profit Partner: Data Guidance Group

Data Guidance Group is a leading Mid-South business software specialist. We work with select small and mid-sized businesses to build software systems that build their business.

Small and mid-sized companies rely on Data Guidance Group when:

  • Replacing outgrown or out-of-date computer software to fuel growth.
  • Concerned that their current computer software may no longer be adequate. 
  • Committed to business growth without adding employees.
  • Scrambling to get control of employees, projects, or inventory.
  • Struggling with Excel or Access to get the reports they need.
  • Finally tired of shrinking gross margins and missed profit targets, and ready for a system that produces results.
  • Frequently disturbed by errors like missed invoices, lost sales, express shipping costs, pricing errors, and customers that don’t pay.

Data Guidance Group builds business software systems with off-the-shelf software and custom developed software to increase margins and propel business growth. DGG directly supports products from Intuit, Sage, and Microsoft, and works with products from many other vendors. We develop software using a variety of tools from Microsoft and others.

Clients have tremendous success and remain long term clients because our approach is very different from what you normally find…

  • We produce return on investment by helping you develop and use systems that grow your business.
  • We understand your business before we propose solutions. We believe that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.
  • We are both business and software experts. This helps us understand your business at a deep level to offer solutions that help grow your business. 
  • Don’t ask for our hourly rates; we do not have any. Because we know our business, we can accurately forecast the effort required to complete your project. All our fees are fixed and guaranteed. We produce the result you want, and you never worry about overruns.
  • We learn on our time, not yours.
  • We will tell you the frank truth about your current system and processes. If your current system just needs a little tweaking, we will tell you rather than trying to get you to invest in a new one.

Are you looking for new business software or struggling with the software you have? Data Guidance Group (DGG) specializes in building software that builds your business: off-the-shelf, tailored, or custom, we match your needs with best-of-breed software.

DGG tailors your computer software to your business. By understanding your business, your goals, and the issues you face, we build software that grows your business and increases your margins.

Founded in 1990 in Memphis, Tennessee, Data Guidance Group serves clients in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and through out the United States. We believe in protecting your privacy, and invite you to review our privacy policy.

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